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Next Generation AR Are Transforming the Gaming Industry

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In recent years the mobile application development has seen an ultimate technology change. One such change is the (AR)Augmented Reality Technology. It is a very advanced technology but is in the mainstream now due to the launch of Augmented Reality based mobile games. With AR, there is a better use of sensors, detection and movements have helped to give a boost to the gaming industry.

Motion detection through hand gesture Leap Motion enables you to work and play using only hand gestures. The Leap Motion device has to be plugged in your PC USB port or Mac in order to experience the thrill. Once you’ve completed the easy settings and synchronization, you are ready to play video games through hand gestures.

3D augmented reality software refers to a set of programs that creates an interactive computing environment on a more intricate level than the standard keyboard and mouse interface. Augmented reality software users can generate animated presentations and other projects with graphics that appear on the screen. This is where virtual reality and augmented reality will meet, the real world of 3D at bestpokies.net/best-online-pokies-australia will have pain sensor vests, and other nifty features to really give you one heck of gaming experience. It may become so real that your personal reality of who you are will be blurred.

Perhaps the player might be tethered as they play a video game, and they can let their feet leave the ground and feel as if they are flying, while they watch the video screen. If there are flat-panel displays all around them that were part of the room, they might feel the sensation and rush of speed from a base jump, without actually going anywhere. They might even experience horizontal B.A.S.E. Jumping by pushing off of the sidewall, while tethered to a bungee cord-like system. The screen in front of them would be one of the ground getting larger and larger very quickly as they get closer to the screen.

Although voice recognition has been used in the past, it has been clumsy and frustrating to work with, and now the human voice becomes a feasible control option. If we were to combine voice and facial recognition with Augmented Reality, it is easy to see the potential that Augmented Reality has to provide an immersive gaming experience within a real-world environment.

With this combination of technologies, you could, in theory, be able to have two-way communication with high definition computer-generated characters within your augmented world, opening up a whole new avenue of potential in how you play games. For instance, paintball shooting, in essence, is a role-playing activity as the people involved in a game are recreating a scenario you would find in warfare. Augmented Reality can provide a similar experience without the need for paintballs and safety gear. Instead of shooting real people, you could be shooting real people and virtual characters with virtual ammunition.


Augmented Reality has displayed how technology will enhance each and every aspect of our lives in the coming future.  The best part about it is that all this technology already exists; they only have to be implemented. Humans already have all these entertaining gaming situations and technologies, and they exist right now within the real world.

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