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Warhammer Invasion the credit card Game: Deck Building Strategies

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When searching through cards attempting to determine what to place to your deck you can easily be wowed by expensive cards. Unfortunately without proper quantity of inexpensive cards the large dogs won’t ever see play.

You’ll need a reasonable quantity of cards that cost 3 or fewer sources with simply one loyalty symbol around the board. Our play group has dubbed these First Turn Cards(FTCs)*.

To create a well-balanced deck you must have a sizable first step toward inexpensive cards to let you start gaining cards and sources early. For this reason cards like Warpstone Excavation(a totally free neutral support card that gives 1 hammer) take presctiption the restricted list.

Warpstone Excavation is really a free hammer that whenever performed early can internet you five to seven sources or cards inside the scope of the game. Inexpensive cards are huge in assisting you create a board presence before your attacker. Here is my Dark Elf / Undead Deck I intend on taking to Gen Disadvantage for that tournament. This deck works off sacrificing its very own units for effects so it features a little more inexpensive than most, however it still works as a good example.

Units(number x cost loyalty, bold denotes FTCs)

thrice ____ Veteran Sellswords

thrice 1L Walking Sacrifice

thrice 1 1L Dark Initiate

thrice 2____ Crypt Ghouls

thrice 2 1L Dwarf Slaves

thrice 2 2L Crook vital

thrice 2 2L Vile Sorceress

thrice 5____ Wight Lord

thrice 6 3L Monster from the Deep

21 Federal trade commission Units


thrice ____ Warpstone Excavation

thrice 1____ Contested Village

thrice 2 2L Slave Pen

12 Federal trade commission Support


thrice 3L Lash the Prisoner!

thrice 1 2L Dark Visions

thrice 1____ Warpstone Experiments

2 x 2____ Burn it Lower

thrice 2 2L Sacrifice to Khaine

As you can tell, from a 50 card deck 33 from the cards could be performed on turn 1 to achieve me sources and cards for future models. That’s 66% meaning four to five cards from my opening hands could be playable not counting the mulligan. Dark Elves are a serious example when i mentioned before since a number of these units are sacrifice fodder. Like a generic standby rule I’d make use of the following figures like a beginning point:

26 units — 13 FTCs

12 Support – 9 FTCs

This provides you 22 FTCs comprising 44% of the deck. In your first draw, 3 of the 7 cards ought to be playable not counting your mulligan.

When you begin taking into consideration the likelihood of drawing them you’ll need the significance of a 50 card deck becomes much more important. Always take this into account when building your decks and become selective when selecting your cards. You could remove it and check out another thing, but tossing a lot of cards together is not really giving them an opportunity.

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